When you add an existing dubbed version or subtitles to getdubbings.com, TV stations or other media around the world can find your versions and purchase them directly from you.

The big advantage: By selling or licensing your version to others you have the chance to earn money. Make as many entries as you like - completely free of charge. Entering a new version is also very quick and easy.

Whenever you require a dubbed version or subtitles of a certain program, make sure to take a look at getdubbings.com first. If someone has already created a version of that program and listed it on getdubbings.com, this is where you’ll find it.

Find out easily who to acquire a version from and get in touch with the licensor directly. Doing so can save you a lot of money as licensing an existing version is much cheaper than producing an entirely new dubbing. Besides, this will save you time and effort. No more tedious research. No more annoying waiting times.

As a content distributor, listing local versions of your programs can be equally valuable to your business, even if you don't actually own them. To learn how, please see here.

No. The use of getdubbings.com is free of charge. For the title search and to be able to make your own entries, you need to be a registered user. You only need to register once. This is easy and only takes a minute.

As many as you want. However, when creating entries, please be aware of the terms of use of getdubbings.com.

The contact person for the acquisition of existing dubbings or subtitles is always the respective copyright holder or author, not getdubbings.com. You can find the corresponding contact information in the detailed view of the respective program under "Rights owner of the dubbed version" or "Subtitle owner/author”. Please note that the information may be incorrect and getdubbings.com cannot guarantee the accuracy of any entries.

Please provide the original titles of programs in their original language. Often, original titles have an international distribution title, usually in English language. You can enter this title in the respective field for an alternative title. If an international distribution title does not exist for the original title in question, you can simply enter an English translation of the original title as an alternative title.

Original Arabic
Program Original title: Arabic
International distribution title: does not exist
Dubbed version: French

The title of the original can be entered in Arabic letters. In this example, the title of the dubbed version (= broadcasting title) should be entered in French. Since an international distribution title does not exist, the translation of the original title in English should be entered in the "alternative title" field .

Important to know: If a title is entered solely in Arabic letters, the title will only be show up in the search results if the input language for the search is also Arabic.

To enter a large number of dubbings or subtitles, please use our Excel spreadsheet which you can download here, along with a description of how this works. If you are missing any mandatory information to complete the spreadsheet, we will be happy to support you, free of charge. Please send us a message via the contact form and we will take good care of that.

We are currently working on a dedicated interface (API) to enable integrating the getdubbings.com database into other websites or programs in the future. Our goal is to make connecting getdubbings.com to other software and systems easy and comfortable. Until we are there, we would like to ask you for a little patience. Or please get in touch with us now using the contact form. We are happy to hear your thoughts and ideas.

To search for existing language versions, you require the original title (or parts of the original title) of the program in its respective original language. While conducting your search, the system checks for existing entries in the database which correspond either with the episode or series title of the original, the alternative episode or the alternative series title of the original. Series or episode titles of dubbed versions are not included in a search.

Example: "Thrift Hunters" is the given original title of a US series. To search for a German dubbed version, enter the original English title (or parts thereof), e.g. "Thrift Hunters" or "Thrift". If you enter the German title ("Die Profit-Profis") instead, you will not get the desired results.

For some titles (e.g. "Bones") you get a lot of results. If you are looking for a specific season, you can refine your search by including season number in your search. For example, to search for episodes of the 5th season of "Bones", enter BONES 5 or BONES (5) in your search. Please note that this only works with season numbers, not with episode numbers. Also, please note that only exact hits are displayed. If you are unsure about the correct spelling, please try different spellings. This also applies to characters ("nine" instead of "9", "and" instead of "&" etc.).

By the way: At least 5 characters are required to conduct a search.

The database currently contains about 10,000 entries. A large part of this includes non-fictional programs, but also a large number of fictional programs can already be found. Getdubbings.com contains a large number of German-dubbed versions to-date but the number of new titles in various different languages keeps growing constantly.